Restricted Data

The “Cold Room” Secure Computing Enclave at DISC

To help provide the level of security that restricted data can require, DISC offers the “cold rooms,” a secure computing enclave in the Sewell Social Science Building.

Administered in cooperation with the Social Science Computing Cooperative, each of the two cold rooms employs a system of removable hard-drives and wall safes, each accessible by only one licensee. Each cold room contains a single stand-alone workstation and can be accessed by only one researcher at a time.

Only Senior Information Manager Charlie Fiss and researchers with restricted data licenses are issued cold-room keys; not even the custodial master keys will open the door.

The cold-room service is available to users in the College of Letters and Science at UW-Madison who need access to such a facility in order to get a restricted data license, with prior approval from DISC and an approved IRB protocol.

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